Hey there, I’m Niki!

Let’s go ahead and get the obvious (and sometimes awkward) out of the way.

YES, I love numbers.
YES, I love organization.
And, YES, my idea of a good time is deep-diving into a client’s numbers and financial processes to make them more profitable and efficient
Some people hate it… I LOVE IT! Lucky for you, right?

I also get the struggle that business owners have—from experience. I’m a serial entrepreneur myself, so your woes? I feel them in my bones.

I also have a little secret… If you are not looking at your top 3 financial reports each month and have a clear picture of your business finances, there is a good chance you’re bleeding money or leaving a lot of it on the table that you don’t have to.

My guess is you started your business to have personal and financial freedom.  

That’s why I’m so passionate about helping businesses to clean up their books, streamline their systems and come out more profitable than ever before.


A little more about my life because, por qúe, no?!

Originally from a small town in Pennsylvania, I quickly moved south in search of the sun and sand, landing in South Carolina where I met my now husband. Our passion for travel has taken us across the map ever since. When I’m not crunching numbers, you can find me hitting the beach to surf with my husband, sneaking an ice cream cone from the local gelateria with my son or chasing one of our many dogs, chickens or bunnies around the house (probably with a glass of tequila in hand because of this crazy circus I love so much!)

Oh, and did I mention I live on the Caribbean of Costa Rica? I guess we REALLY headed south, didn’t we?.