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Be Profitable

Think impressive revenues= impressive profits? Think again. It takes focus, the right systems in place and proactive decisions to make your business profitable.

Let me show you how


Hey there, I’m Nicole Chapman—the heart and financial strategist behind Fusion Profits. As a successful serial entrepreneur myself I understand the effort—and frustrations—that go into making your business profitable.

Don’t worry, that’s where I come in.

I’m one-part tough love, one-part bookkeeping strategy and one-part pure motivation to help you achieve the financial success your business needs—and you deserve!


You’re Ready to Streamline, Simplify and Increase Your Bottom Line IF…

—–> You understand that turning a blind eye to your books won’t move the needle forward…

—-> Having a strategy for making more money gives you #AllTheFeels (and bonus, more money in the bank.)

—-> You recognize that financial clarity is part of the solution… and part of what’s missing from your company

—-> You realize that having someone organizing, guiding, strategizing and encouraging you to financial freedom makes room for you to focus on what YOU do best (and love.)

I’m Ready to Increase My Bottom Line!

Does the word “budget” scare you? Do numbers make your head spin? How about this… you run your business and I’ll make sense of the books.
Peace of mind? Accountability? Larger profits? Let’s make that happen…


As the foundation for running a profitable business, step one is to have accurate, clear, and organized records of the money going in and out of your accounts. Not there yet? We’ll clean your books up in no time.

Packages starting at $375

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CFO Services

If you’re not budgeting then you’re not preparing—and that’s costing you money. Together, we’ll build out a plan that make sense for where you are right now… and take you where you want to be. Plus, I’ll hold you accountable every step of the way—so no more excuses allowed!

Packages starting at $1,700

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90 Day Profit Blueprint

If you have 90 days, I have the blueprint to get your business where you need it to be. And the profits? Watch them stack up!

Coming soon!! 

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